Private car rental

What you need to know

Private car rental, have you ever tried it? Always more accessible and practical, it appeals to many users in Australia and abroad. Renting of cars from private owners is an eco citizen approach that allows you to benefit from generally more affordable prices and enjoy greater hourly flexibility.

Private car rental is cheaper and faster

Find cheaper deals: prices are generally more affordable than car rentals offered in agencies, with insurance included in the rental as well as certain options such as additional driver or border crossing.

Cars available nearby: In major cities and city centres, many vehicles are just steps from your home and generally in a reserved parking space.

No need to go to the agency: save valuable time by making the payment when booking and unlocking the car directly from your smartphone.

Gain flexibility

Book at the last minute: you can book a car up to one hour before picking up by means of an instant reservation.

Choose your times freely: enjoy your rental trouble free, evenings and weekends included. Unlike agencies, private rental platforms do not impose time constraints on you to pick up or return your car.

Specific details related to private car rentals

The vehicles are not new: on this point, connoisseurs of new cars are better served by agencies. Private vehicles are generally in good condition, but they may have been used for several years already. Expect to have a little less choice on the vehicle category, given the majority of vehicles rented are small city or intermediate cars.

In some cases, you will have to wait for the owner to accept your rental request. For last minute rentals, we advise you to select the cars available for instant booking.

Get well insured

On the insurance side, hiring a car from a private owner has arguments to reassure you. Private car rental platforms such as Getaround are affiliated with insurers to offer you comprehensive insurance. They also guarantee mandatory civil liability and cover property damage and the risk of fire and theft. However, an excess remains your responsibility and you can subscribe to an option to reduce or even remove it.

How does private car rental work?

Car rental between private individuals is a win win solution: the owner makes his/her car profitable while the renter benefits from greater flexibility. Many platforms connect owners and renters and offer an optimal service. With Liligo, you will find the offers of Getaround, the leading car sharing platform in Europe.


Install the app and have your profile validated

After spotting a private car rental deal on Liligo, install the platform’s mobile app (Getaround) and validate your profile by adding a photo of your ID and driver’s licence.


Book the car

Once your profile is validated, select the rental deal of your choice, taking care to fill in the pick up and return times of the vehicle. Check the rental conditions (kilometre limit, vehicle equipment, etc.) and then validate your reservation.


Access the car with your smartphone

Go directly to the indicated location (public or private parking), get your smartphone and ensure your internet connection works properly. In most cases, you will be able to unlock the vehicle and carry out the check-in directly via the app.

What do you need to rent a private car?

To be able to make your first booking on a private car rental platform like Getaround, you will need to create your user profile with the following documents (you will no longer need to do so for the following bookings):

A smartphone with an internet connection

Your driving licence

Your identity card or passport

A credit card in your name

Unlike agency rental, the conditions for vehicle pick up are simplified. You will only need a smartphone with an internet connection.

Tips for the smooth running of your car hire

  • Before booking your car rental privately, be sure to check the amount of the deposit according to the category of the vehicle chosen. For some categories, it may make sense to reduce this amount by subscribing to additional paid protection.
  • If you want to share the ride, you can add one or more additional drivers to the rental agreement for free. Check that these individuals are correctly registered via the app in order to be covered by insurance in the event of an accident.
  • If you plan to travel several hundred kilometres, check the number of kilometres allowed per day or for the total duration of your rental. Beware of additional kilometres that will be charged in addition to the rate of your rental.
  • Pay attention when conducting the check-in of the vehicle. On the Getaround app, you’ll need to take several exterior photos before you can unlock the car. Also check the condition of the interior of the vehicle, rear seats and boot included, before validating the check-in.
  • When returning the car, be sure to refuel, or ensure that the fuel level is the same as the initial level on pick up. Missing litres will be charged. Be sure to return the vehicle at the allotted time and park without the risk of a parking ticket.

More questions

Can you rent a private car without a licence?

You must hold a valid driving licence in the country where you want to rent a private car. It will not be possible to rent a vehicle without a licence.

Can you rent a car from a private owner without a deposit?

For any private car rental, a deposit is retained at the time of payment of the rental. On Getaround, this amount depends on the category of the vehicle and can be reduced if you subscribe to an additional protection option.

Can you rent a private car with unlimited kilometres?

It is not possible to rent a car with unlimited kilometres included on Getaround. The first 200 km per day are included in the rental. The maximum allowed limit is 1,200 km over the total duration of your rental. Beyond 200 km, you will be charged extra.

Can we rent a car between private individuals per month?

Private car rentals may not exceed 30 days on the Getaround platform. You can rent a vehicle for a maximum of one month.

Can a young driver rent a private car?

You must have held a driver’s licence for at least 2 years to be able to rent a private car in the Eco category. For the Comfort, Privilege or Luxury categories, you will be asked for a 5-year, 7-year and 10-year old licence respectively.

Required by insurance, be aware that a young driver supplement will be added to the rental price for renters aged 25 and under.

What are the means of payment accepted by private car rental platforms?

It is mandatory to pay your rental on the platform in order to be covered by insurance. When paying for your private car rental reservation, you must pay with a credit card in your name. Some debit cards such as Visa or Mastercard may also be accepted. We recommend checking the rental company website to see the most updated list of accepted payment methods.

Note that the following means of payment are usually not accepted: checks, holiday vouchers, cash, prepaid bank cards, Maestro and Paypal.

Can we add an additional driver when renting a private car?

Yes, you can add additional drivers, for free, when renting a private car. Make sure they meet the rental conditions of the chosen vehicle (age, licence years), so that they can be added to the rental contract and thus be covered by the insurance.

Can you car share by renting a private car?

Car sharing is allowed, and it is a good alternative to share costs and to reduce the carbon footprint. Be careful, however, as it is forbidden to use the vehicle rented to a private individual for commercial purposes (private hire vehicle (PHV) or taxi, for example).

What happens in the event of a dispute when renting a car from a private owner?

The majority of disputes can be settled amicably. You can first discuss between private individuals in order to reach an agreement. In the event that no agreement is reached, the Getaround private rental platform will act as a mediator by collecting the reasons for the dispute and the evidence you have, such as photos or videos.