Young driver car rental

Who is considered a “young driver”?

Car rental companies use the terms “young driver” to define a category of motorists to whom they apply special conditions. In general, young drivers are considered drivers who have held a licence for less than 3 years or persons under 25 years of age.

From what age can you hire a car?

The age required to hire a car depends on the rental company and the category of car chosen. As a rule, the minimum age required is 21 years but some companies accept rental from 18 years. At some agencies, high end cars are accessible from the age of 25. The minimum age may also vary from country to country.

How many years do you need on your licence to hire a car?

To hire a car belonging to the “economy” or “intermediate” categories, it is generally required to have at least 1 to 2 years on your licence. For higher end or even “prestige” cars, you may be asked to present a valid licence held for 3 to 10 years. These criteria vary according to the company and the country of rental.

What do the “young driver fees” correspond to?

Car rental agencies consider statistically higher accident risks among young drivers. In order to cover this risk, they apply a “young drivers” fee that is in addition to the hire price for drivers under 26 years of age.

How to find a cheap young driver car hire?

Car rental also benefits from the low cost trend and the prices offered online are generally cheaper than in agencies. Find your cheap car hire by comparing on Liligo.


Book in advance

Our advice: do not book at the last minute. We advise you to book 1 month in advance, or even 2 to 3 months if you want to hire your car during the school holidays. Prices can rise by about 15-20% in times of high demand.


Compare prices including young driver fees

No surprises when paying for your car hire: before searching on Liligo, indicate your age in order to compare the total price of deals on offer, including young driver fees, etc. You can also filter the results by selecting “Including young driver supplement”.


Choose an economical car

If you are looking to save money, choosing an economical car allows you to pay the lowest price, but also to hire a car that consumes less fuel. On entry level cars, the excesses in case of an accident are generally lower, so it is less risky for your budget!

What document are required for a young driver car rental?

To be able to pick up the vehicle with peace of mind, prepare the following documents:

Your identity card or passport

Your driving licence

A credit card in your name

Proof of address (depending on the agency)

Car rental companies generally accept Mastercard, Visa or American Express credit cards. If you have another type of card, we advise you to contact the rental company so that they confirm the accepted means of payment.

Tips for the smooth running of your car hire

  • Consider looking at the insurance conditions, including the amount of the excess (the share that remains your responsibility in the event of a claim). For some rental companies, the excess is doubled for those under 25, including in the event of a partial purchase of the excess.
  • If you want to share the driving during your trip, it is possible to add one or more additional drivers. This option is charged according to the duration of your rental and the amount may vary depending on the rental company.
  • Don't take any unnecessary risks, if someone else is going to drive, make sure that they are added to the contract as an additional driver. In the event of an accident, you will not be covered by insurance and will be liable for all costs.
  • Pay attention when picking up the vehicle and ensure any anomalies are recorded in the rental agreement at the time of the check-in. Do not hesitate to take photos when you pick up your vehicle from the rental company so that you can prove, if necessary, that an anomaly was already present at the time of pick up. Also remember to note the fuel level and mileage.
  • Remember to refuel before returning the vehicle, or make sure the fuel level is the same as the initial level on pick up. Otherwise, the agency could charge you for the missing litres at a high price. That would be a shame!

More questions

Can you hire a car without a young driver charge?

Most rental companies will apply an additional cost for young drivers. You can search on Liligo to see if you find an exception or to find the company that has the lowest fee.

Can a young driver hire a car without a deposit?

Most car rental agencies block an amount on your card at the time of rental to ensure that the vehicle will be returned in good condition. This practice is the most widespread and it is very rare to find an agency that does not ask for a deposit.

How to find a young driver hire car with unlimited km?

If you are planning a long journey, hiring a car with the unlimited km option is more sensible and economical. On Liligo, you can search with your hiring criteria, then check the “unlimited mileage” filter. You will only see the deals corresponding to this criterion, which you can of course combine with the criterion “including young driver supplement”.

What insurance should you take out for a young driver car hire?

There is no additional insurance to take as a young driver, “third-party insurance” is always included in the rental contract. In European rental companies, the “personal injury” guarantee is included as well. Pay attention to the amount of the excess, which can be much higher for young drivers. The renter will offer to reduce this excess with additional insurance, which will be added to the total amount of your car hire.