Unlimited kilometer car rental

Drive without counting

The number of kilometres you plan to travel can be a key factor in choosing your hire car. Each rental agency has its own authorised mileage policy for each car rental. When renting a car, it is important to find out what mileage is allowed per day or over the total duration of your rental and thus avoid possible additional costs.

Find the best car hire deals with unlimited kilometers

If you want to travel a long distance with the rented vehicle, it will be wise to opt for offers with unlimited kilometres included. By searching Liligo, you can filter the results by selecting “unlimited mileage” and you will have access to all available offers corresponding to this criterion.

Which rental companies offer car rentals with unlimited mileage?

Many companies offer car rentals with unlimited mileage. From Sixt and Europcar to Avis, Hertz and Budget, there's a wide choice to choose from. Please note that on private car rental platforms such as Getaround, the daily mileage limit is set at 200 km, and additional kilometers will be billed once the vehicle has been returned. For longer journeys, you're better off using a conventional rental agency.

Mileage limits in Australia and abroad

Car rentals with unlimited mileage are quite common in Australia and usually available for most car classes. If you rent a car with limited mileage, make sure you have checked the number of miles or kilometers allowed in the rental agreement.

If you are travelling to a country that uses miles as a unit of measurement, know that 1 mile is equivalent to 1.6 km.

How can I compare car rental offers with unlimited kilometers?

If you want to travel according to your wishes without having to calculate the number of kilometres you will travel, opt for a car rental deal with unlimited mileage included. Liligo guides you so you can drive without counting.


Search on Liligo

Select your pick up and return location of the vehicle as well as the desired dates and times, and then start the comparison. After a few seconds you will be redirected to the results page, which you can filter according to your needs.


Check the “Unlimited mileage” filter

You can use the search filters made available to you to display only the deals offering unlimited mileage included. Use it to refine your search with the many filters available (free cancellation, fuel policy, vehicle category, etc.) to obtain the offer corresponding to your hire car requirements.


Identify the best offer and book on the site of the chosen company

No unpleasant surprises, the prices displayed correspond to the total price of the rental (and not to the price per day). You can also filter offers by ticking or unticking certain car rental companies. Can you see the deal of your dreams? Click on it and you will be redirected to our partners website to make your car rental reservation.

Tips for the smooth running of your car hire

  • If you intend to cross a border with your hire car, find out about the insurance conditions, in particular the amount of the excess (the share that remains your responsibility in the event of a claim) and the conditions of the agency. For some renters, crossing a border can lead to additional billing per day, so don’t leave yourself open to surprises!
  • If you want to drive without counting, check in the rental contract and with the agency that your car hire includes unlimited km. Some rental companies limit the authorised kilometres according to the category of the vehicle.
  • To avoid the risk of accidents related to fatigue on long journeys, it may be wise to add a second driver to the rental contract. This option is sometimes paid (depending on the agencies) but be aware that in the event of an accident, if the additional driver has not been declared, you will not be covered by the insurance.
  • When picking up the vehicle, pay attention and include any anomalies in the rental agreement. At the time of the check-in, you can take photos so that you can prove, if necessary, that an anomaly was already present at the time of pick up. It is advisable to also check the fuel level and mileage.
  • When returning the vehicle, make sure that the fuel level is identical to the level when picked up. Otherwise, the missing litres will be charged at a high price by the rental agency.

More questions

What is the best site to find a hire car with unlimited km?

Many agencies offer hire cars with unlimited mileage included. By comparing on Liligo, you save valuable time for your car hire search. Use the “unlimited mileage” filter to view all offers that meet this criterion.

Where to find a commercial van rental with unlimited mileage?

Renting a commercial van with the unlimited mileage option is the most economical option if you are planning a long journey. On Liligo, you can search by filling in your rental criteria (city of departure, dates and times) then check the filters “commercial van” and “unlimited mileage”. You will only see offers that meet these criteria.

Where to find a long term hire car with unlimited km?

If you want to travel for a long period, unlimited mileage will be a very important criterion when choosing your hire car. You can search on Liligo by indicating the total duration of your rental, and then refine your results by checking the “unlimited mileage” filter.

Can you cross borders with a hire car?

Always inform your rental company in advance of your intention to cross borders. If a surcharge is applied, it is due to the insurance extension. If you do not inform your rental company of your intention to leave the country, you will not be covered in the event of an accident.