Who are we?

What is Liligo?

Liligo is a travel search engine which instantly searches all available flight, bus and train prices on an exhaustive number of travel sites such as online travel agencies, major and low-cost airlines and tour-operators. We also compare hotel rooms and car rental deals. You can easily narrow down your search as much (or as little!) as you want. That means that if the trip you'd like is anywhere out there, you'll find it right away. Click on your choice, and you'll go directly to the travel supplier's site to book.

You can recognize Liligo by what it doesn’t do: it doesn’t sell you anything. We’re neither an online travel agency, nor an airline, nor a tour-operator. These all have a stock to sell. But Liligo is designed to make your travel planning easy and efficient. We search all the sites you know and many you’ve probably missed. After all, you have better things to do. We don’t.

How does liligo.com work?

Don't want to spend hours going back and forth between different travel websites to compare prices? With its powerful search engine, liligo.com searches hundreds of travel sites worldwide and shows you, in less than 30 seconds, a well organized list of results so you can easily compare and review prices to find the best one for you.

In a nutshell? liligo.com helps you to find the best price for your trip in a quick, simple and efficient manner.

Why should I trust liligo.com ?

liligo.com has no hidden agenda. Certain travel “comparison” sites confuse comparing flights with selling them. They do everything to steer you to their partner sites. All liligo.com does is search; we don’t care what flight you choose. But we do care about being the most objective, exhaustive and useful travel search engine around. That’s why we don’t play favorites and your results are always transparently listed according to total price -- all taxes and fees included. You can also check out liligo.com reviews on Trustpilot to see what our users are saying about us.

Is it free to use liligo.com?

It is absolutely free to use liligo.com! Travel agencies and airline companies remunerate liligo.com for the general service of helping people to see their offers. Like most search engines, liligo.com also makes a living through sponsored ads that are clearly indicated by an icon. But we stand by our promise: you’ll never have to pay for using liligo.com

Where does liligo.com come from?

liligo.com, founded by Pierre Bonelli in 2005, has been led by a passionate entrepreneurial team who felt like consumer's needs for finding the best travel deals was un-met. Today, the team, consisting of around 50, is still passionate about both technology and travelling so developing the best travel search engine on the web just comes naturally.