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Long lines at the airport have become just part of the travel experience but airlines have launched a campaign called #iHatetheWait on social media sites, asking travelers to share pics of the long lines at security to raise awareness about a growing problem at many US airports.

Passengers and airlines are becoming more and more frustrated by the long lines they face at security, at airports across the US. Over the weekend passengers faced a 1 hour wait to get through security at Chicago O’Hare Airport. Some passengers arrived 3 hours before departure and barely made it to their boarding gate on time.

A group representing the airlines have launched a campaign with the hashtag, #iHatetheWait to bring attention to the issue as passengers across the country are sharing photos of the long waits at security. Currently 22 airports in the US use private security firms. While most of these airports are small, two of them are not: San Francisco and Kansas City.

Currently, Seattle and Atlanta are considering making the switch from TSA to private firms. TSA admits they are understaffed but while they hire more recruits, passengers are recommended to arrive to the airport 2 hours early for domestic travel. Additionally, you can sign up for TSA pre-check to make going through security faster.

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One response to “Airlines launch campaign against TSA on social media

  1. TSA is a complete waste of Funds and worse of time for all of us that have to go through it. Is denigrates all in ways like animals that goes through lines, like cattle and any other animal be to slaughter. I am pretty sure that with today tech this waste of time and discomfort all can be avoided. The USA have Satellites that can see anyone from space and put a missile right at anyone hitting it right where it wanted, Tech that can see anyone movement in the darkness of night with all the camouflage one can wear. So, how in hell this nonsense of security still a thing.

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