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Brazil is waiving visa requirements for US travelers this summer for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, allowing tourists to enter the country to up to 90 days without a visa.

Americans planning to visit Rio for the Summer Olympics will be able to travel to Brazil without the usual hassle of applying for an entry visa. In hopes of attracting more people to the Games, Brazilian officials have announced they are temporarily waiving the visa requirements for travelers from June 1 to September 18. The games themselves take place August 5-21.

In addition to US tourists, the visa waiver also applies to travelers holding passports from Japan, Australia and Canada.

Under normal circumstances, Americans need to make appointments at their nearest Brazilian consulate and arrive with a valid passport, one photo, a completed application and a copy of their round-trip flight ticket to Brazil, plus pay a $160 fee. Even if you’re not planning on attending the Olympics, this is a great opportunity to save some cash and visit Brazil this summer!

Img: Rio by Delaina Haslam / Flickr cc.

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