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Finding the cheapest flight tickets is often a priority when booking your next trip. This usually means flying in economy, with limited luxuries but the knowledge you’ve grabbed a great deal. However, if you thought economy seats were the most basic you could get think again: the “no frills” fare takes things one step further!

Also known as ‘economy minus’, ‘basic economy’ and ‘last class’, Delta Airlines introduced these cheap seats in 2012, American Airlines announced their plans to do so last year – and now United Airlines look set to follow suit.

So what’s the difference between basic economy and regular economy? In the case of Delta Airlines, with basic economy there are certain ‘perks’ which aren’t available – such as the ability to book your seat in advance, change your itinerary or the option for an upgrade. However, complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages are still on offer, meaning basic economy doesn’t strip you of all those little extras.

With so many budget airlines out there, there is increasing pressure on legacy airlines to keep up by providing the cheapest flights possible and it seems that basic economy is their way of doing so. If you want to save a few extra dollars, and don’t mind compromising on those added extras, basic economy could be the answer!

Would you fly basic economy?  

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One response to “The last class? Basic economy is on its way

  1. Flew the Delta version of basic economy is late August from DTW to ECP. The seating choices were atrocious. Think “cattle call” with no one in charge … and you get the picture. We did not sit together, but at least grandma did sit with grandson … and for a while, we were not sure this was going to happen. The flights to/from were very full just ahead of Labor Day. When we mentioned that this was NOT one of Delta’s better ideas … the staff really didn’t say much or seem to care one way or another. Wish Jet Blue flew to Panama City Beach … then it would be a very simple choice of airlines.

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