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The wait is over: it’s time to don those Micky/Minnie Mouse ears as Shanghai Disneyland opened today, with tickets to the park sold out for the next two weeks.

The hype surrounding Disney’s newest theme park has been intensifying ever since work was completed and the park opened for a trial run in May. Costing $5.5 billion and spanning over 963 acres, the park is one of Disney’s largest and expectations are high.

During a 6 week trial period, over 1 million visitors headed to the park, their behavior prompting Disney to release an etiquette guide discouraging future park goers from “uncouth” actions such as lying down on the ground!

330 million people live within a 3 hour drive of the theme park, which is expected to become one of the world’s most popular. There’s an entire land dedicated to the Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as the classic Enchanted Storybook Castle which will celebrate all of the Disney princesses.

Fun fact: catering managers estimate the park will get through 12 million bok choy cabbages in just one year!

If you’re tempted by a Disneyland adventure, book your cheap flights to Shanghai and see what all the fuss is about!

IMG: Disneyland, Mulling it Over / Flickr cc

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