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Although it’s usually the younger generation you associate with travelling, in a recent study it shows that the baby boomer generation (50+) is jumping on the traveling bandwagon too.

According to 2014 AARP survey of more than 800 participants (aged 50+) which evaluated the travel trends for the older demographic.

From the research it appeared the top travel motivation for this demographic was to escape normal and everyday life, often capitalizing on time with family and friends. The survey also showed an increase in multi-generational family vacations, as they showed to be up 4% from the previous year, and 36% of the respondents were planning to take such a trip within the upcoming year.

Here are some other findings

• Domestic travel is preferred during the summer months and weekend getaways were highly rated

• Internationally, Europe and tropical locations are the most desired destinations abroad, with cruises still been a firm favorite with 18% planning a cruise in 2015

• Travel medical insurance is a popular option

• This demographic are suckers for offers and deals often using facilities, accomodation or flights that have a senior discount

IMG: Roberto.Trombetta / Flickr cc.

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