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Taylor Tippett is a Washington D.C based flight attendant and the creator of a project called Words From the Window Seat.

After a recent break up, Tippett realized she had been hard on herself and on an empty plane made the decision to move past that and make a change. It all started with a single note, reading ‘Be Kind to Yourself.’

Tippett’s personal pep talk resonated with her passengers after she posted the note on the passenger window. She snapped a photo of her note and uploaded it to Instagram where it received 1000s of likes and comments. And so, Words From the Window Seat was born.

She takes inspiration from her passengers; they come from all over the world and range in age and character. Although she does state that the most heartfelt comments come from other young women who connect with the story of love and heartbreak.

Be inspired by Tippett’s project, follow her on Instagram @taylortippett

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