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Friendly locals are one thing which can make or break a trip to any destination. If you’re hoping to visit a city which welcomes tourists with open arms, new research has revealed the places to go!

Love ’em or hate ’em, tourists are a vital source of income to plenty of cities across the US. Stratos Jet Charters took a look at the most tourist-friendly cities across the country, with a little help from Twitter to determine where tourists are welcomed with open arms.

The research analysed over 62,000 geotagged tweets, making use of API analysis to take a look at whether each tweet was positive or negative towards tourism.

First up, the research took a look at how each state feels towards tourists. 

How US states feel about tourists

The study also considered which are the most tourist friendly cities across the US. Key West came out on top (time to book those cheap flights to Florida!), with Cleveland, Nashville and Atlanta all tied for second place.

Top 10 Tourist Loving Cities in the US

What do you think about the results? 

IMG: Stratos Jet Charters; Shutterstock

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