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Known for its beautiful beaches, rich history and charming cities, Croatia already boasts 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From this July, the country will add another two to its list – bringing the total up to 10.

Croatia has seen increasing levels of tourism in recent years, thanks in part to its prominence in the TV series Game of Thrones – King’s Landing can be found in the city of Dubrovnik, while Lokrum Island features as the city of Qarth.

The country also boasts 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Dubrovnik’s Old Town, the Plitvice Lakes, Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the town of Trogir are just a handful of these recognized landmarks. As of July, according to local news website Dalmacija Danas, that number will rise to 10 as UNESCO has added another two Croatian sites to its list of World Heritage Sites.

The fort of St. Nicholas in Šibenik and the historic defensive walls of Zadar are set to attain UNESCO World Heritage Site status this July. Both were built during the 16th century by the Venetians, as a defense against attacks from the Turks. Today, parts of these historic defensive posts can be visited by the public and with their addition to the UNESCO portfolio, are sure to see increased tourism in the years to come.

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IMG: Dubrovnik / Pixabay

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