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Who in the world names their Wi-Fi hotspot “Mobile Detonation Device” while traveling through an airport?! That’s the question everyone is asking after a Qantas flight was delayed for this exact reason over the weekend.

If there’s anything we have learned over the years it’s that you don’t joke about bombs at or near an airport or on or near a plane. You just don’t do it. But when a mobile hot spot with the name “Mobile Detonation Device” caught the attention of some passengers at the airport waiting to take off, it caused quite the uproar. Passengers refused to fly!

One passenger discovered the hot spot on her phone shortly after boarding her Qantas flight in Melbourne, Australia. She immediately notified the crew and the flight to Perth was delayed while the device was located.

The device was never found and the flight was cleared for takeoff, but not before the flight captain and forty other passengers opted not to fly. The flight did land safely in Perth about two hours later than scheduled.

Img: Qantas by Benson Kua / Flickr cc.

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