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Delayed flights are something most of us have to face at some point and cabin crew generally do all they can to prevent this. However, one short flight was delayed because of an argument between two members of flight staff!

Probably the worst time and place for an argument in the workplace is on board a flight once all the passengers have taken their seats, but that didn’t stop two easyJet flight attendants who delayed a 1 hour journey between London and Belfast after a squabble…reportedly over water bottles!

Unfortunately for easyJet, a number of prominent figures were on board to keep us updated on the drama – including British TV presenter Dan Lobb who live tweeted the situation as it unfolded.

Noting that the captain did a great job under the circumstances, Lobb questioned why the situation had even happened in the first place. Electronic dance artists Disclosure were also on board and expressed their annoyance in 140 characters, tweeting:

“2 of the cabin crew have a fight and the whole flight has to wait on the tarmac to unload them and get new ones. Insane!”

The two members of crew involved were replaced and the flight was able to take off…arriving 90 minutes later than planned in Belfast.

IMG: EasyJet, Glen Scott / Flickr cc.

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