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Cool or creepy? You could soon be taxing a taxi ride without a driver, as one Singapore based company has put the world’s first driverless taxis on public trial!

Created by nuTonomy, the driverless cars are currently on a limited public trial in Singapore’s one-north business district where a select few residents will be invited to try out the service via nuTonomy’s app.

In anticipation of the public launch of the service in 2018, the trial will provide the opportunity for the company to gain valuable feedback on the initiative, which will use two vehicles: a Renault Zoe and a Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car.

During the test rides, an engineer will accompany passengers to ensure everything is working as it should. In the near future, the company –which also operates self driving cars in Michigan and in the UK – intends to expand the service to thousands more people within Singapore.

Would you take a ride in a driverless taxi? 

IMG: nuTonomy

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