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Gone are the days of feeling lost in translation: this revolutionary new earpiece promises to translate conversations between two different languages, in real time! 

In a bid to break down language barriers and open up the world we live in, this travel startup has created the world’s first earpiece which is able to translate between users speaking in different languages.

Billed as “an earpiece which translates between languages”, the Pilot raised a staggering $2,842,928 via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, so it’s safe to say its in pretty high demand!

The Pilot works in conjunction with a complimentary app, from which a number of features can be accessed – for example, ‘conference mode’ means a group can speak in different languages, and still be able to understand one another!

Due to be released in May 2017, initially the Pilot will be able to translate between English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. By Fall 2017, further languages will be added – including German, Arabic and Russian.

IMG: Waverly Labs Press Kit

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