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A new study from AARP Travel revealed the top trends for the Baby Boomer generation (50 – 69 years old) in the U.S as they start to make travel plans for 2016 (exciting right?) The study revealed that Baby Boomers will spend $120 billion annually in leisure travel.

It appeared that cost wasn’t a deciding factor for many Baby Boomers when choosing their next vacation. While, in comparison, more than half of the Gen Xers (35 – 55 years old) and Millennials (15 – 35 years old) surveyed said price would be a major deciding factor when choosing their next destination.

According to the research Baby Boomers are already planning to booking their vacations, with 11 percent booking their domestic trips before Oct 1.

It also seems that the ”bucket list” types of international travel are very popular among the older generation, with 32 percent of Baby Boomers planning to travel internationally in 2016.

IMG: Heaton Johnson V / Flickr cc.

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