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Paris could be set to get a scenic new walkway along the River Seine as the city council approves a plan to turn a two mile stretch of highway into a pedestrianized zone.  

The plans, which were approved Monday, will see a two mile stretch of highway along Paris’ iconic Seine River turned into a pedestrian walkway, including areas from the Tuileries Garden toward the Bastille neighborhood.

That means visitors and locals enjoying the pedestrian zone in Paris would be able to enjoy views towards the Eiffel Tower across the Seine. Parts of the left bank of the Seine have already been pedestrianized; the new plans will pedestrianize the right side as well.

The move is aimed towards decreasing Paris’ pollution levels, whilst some have expressed concern over potential commuter delays the closure of the road could cause.

Check out how the walkway will look below:

What do you think about the idea?

IMG: Seine River, Kimberly Vardeman / Flickr cc.

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