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Head to New York City for a day and you’re sure to see any number of awesome musicians busking and entertaining passersby. Now JetBlue has recognized the talent and contribution to the city of three buskers by giving them free travel for a year! 

In a heartwarming commercial, titled ‘Let Music Move You’, the low cost airline films three New York buskers under the pretense of creating a documentary. The end of the short video will bring a tear to your eye (it certainly made us well up a little!) as each musician is presented with free, unlimited air travel with JetBlue for a whole year!

Recognizing the music buskers bring to New York’s streets, which often goes unappreciated by many who pass by with their earphones in or heads down, JetBlue hopes the musicians will now travel across the US to both inspire and learn.

From celebrating mothers day by offering passengers discounts every time a baby cried on a flight from New York to Long Beach, to inviting a plane full of strangers on a free roundtrip if they could unanimously agree on the destination, this is the latest in a string of creative and emotive advertising campaigns from the airline.

Check out the video below!



IMG: Screenshot from Let Music Move You, Jet Blue / YouTube

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