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If you’ve ever found yourself at the airport with hours to kill before your flight, you’ll appreciate how great free wi-fi can be! Sadly it can be hard to access at many airports around the world – but with this handy cheat sheet, you can log in and browse to your heart’s content! 

Created by computer security engineer Anil Polat, the interactive map highlights free internet and wi-fi passwords at airports worldwide from Los Angeles to Sydney!

Readers are invited to offer their contributions to improve and expand the map’s database, whilst an app – WiFox – is available on Google Play and iTunes. Don’t worry – you can access it offline!

Airports in the US on the free wi-fi map so far include Los Angeles International, JFK in New York, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and San Diego International. Travelers can add their contributions to the map here.

IMG: Free Wifi, Thomas Hawk / Flickr cc.

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