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Living and working abroad is something an increasing number of us are choosing to do: now, a survey by HSBC has revealed the best place to live the expat life! 

According to the study, which was conducted by third party survey group YouGov for HSBC, Singapore is the top choice for expats who gave high ratings to the city for factors including quality of child care, safety and quality of life.

The results mean that Singapore has topped the Expat Explorer Survey for two years running now, with 26,871 expat participants from across the world taking part in the study.

Sights in Singapore such as the Botanic Gardens, Marina Bay Sands hotel and world famous zoo mean it’s also a pretty great place to visit, even if you’re not planning on setting up home there!

In second place is New Zealand, with Canada in third and the Czech Republic in fourth. So if you’re considering a move abroad – these are the places to go!

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