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Since its launch in 2000, online review website TripAdvisor has been offering visitors the chance to rate their experiences at places such as cafés and popular tourist sites. Now, they’ve added airlines to the list.

That’s right: you can now review your airline experience on Passengers can provide ratings out of ten in areas such as customer service, seat comfort and in-flight cuisine among others using the website’s new ‘flyscore’ feature.

With over 315 million app downloads alone, the platform is a great place for customers to give praise and condemnation alike – however it has in the past come under fire for the ease with which users can create fake reviews. In October 2015, the #noreceiptnoreview campaign was started on twitter to demand a rule meaning reviewers would need to provide a receipt in response to a slew of fake restaurant reviews.

Will you be taking to TripAdvisor to rate your flight?

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