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A group of Canadian travelers are facing criminal charges for their photos taken at Yellowstone National Park in California after walking on a dangerous hot spring to snap a photo.

The latest #touristfail comes from Yellowstone, where a group of tourists are facing criminal charges for walking on top of a hot spring.

The group, known as High On Life SundayFundayz on Facebook, blatantly defied park rules to take their photos and videos of the Grand Prismatic Spring in the park, which they later shared on social media. Yellowstone prohibits visitors from walking off the boardwalks or trails in hydrothermic areas. They also prohibit tourists from filming from the trails above the spring without a permit.

The group has since deleted their photos and apologized on Facebook for the incident,

“We did not respect the protected environment we were exploring, and we want to acknowledge our wrongdoing. We have realized that what we did was not okay, and we want others to learn from our mistake.”

A note to travelers visiting Yellowstone: read the signs and follow the rules. If you don’t, then at least don’t share it on social media. Want to see this incredible hot spring for yourself? Catch flights to Idaho Falls and Yellowstone is just a stone’s throw from there.

Image: High On Life on Facebook

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