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Mexico’s latest restaurant design is not for diners who are afraid of heights. Plans for a luxury restaurant and cocktail bar overlooking Copper Canyon in Chihuahua look spectacular!

Tall Arquitectos has released a proposal to build a new restaurant in Mexico’s northern province, overlooking the beautiful Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, called Biré Bitori. The structure will be embedded into the rock face, offering diners some amazing panoramic views of the canon and the famous Basaseachic Falls below.

The exclusive eatery will be comprised of two levels, with a dining area and bar on the first level and a luxurious lounge on the second. Glass floors and floor-to-ceiling windows will ensure diners have the best views no matter where their table is.

As if dining at such great heights wasn’t enough, patrons are also invited to rappel down to the canyon floor! How’s that for a gastronomic adventure when you book flights to Chihuahua?



Images: Tall Arquitectos

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