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Comedy Queen Amy Schumer pokes fun at low budget airlines in her new sketch

Stand-up comedian and the alternative American sweetheart, Amy Schumer, pokes fun at economy-class flights in a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Schumer and Vanessa Bayer both play flight attendants who work for Delta “the third most fun airline” and are rather excited to be accompanying these passengers to their destination.

Despite the low budget flight been super fun with their own in-flight version of some classic Spice Girl tunes, they seem to be lacking in appropriate safety features.

The emergency exit door is a little temperamental as both flight attendants take a tumble outside when the door accidentally opens. This skit comes after a man tried opening an emergency door on his KLM Royal Dutch airlines flight from Scotland to Amsterdam as he claimed that he thought it was the toilet door.

IMG: screenshot of video

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