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More people than ever are taking road trips and we even heard that 2017 is the “Year of the Road Trip.” If you’re planning on joining the rest of the road warriors, here are a few tips for the next time you’re renting a car in the US.

Thinking of renting a car for your next vacation? Whether you’re taking a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway or along the classic Route 66 or just need a rental to get you from A to B and back again on vacation, we put together a few tips to help.

Key points to take away?

  • Watch out for mileage caps
  • Make sure you know where you can actually pick-up your car
  • Travel plans up in the air? Check the cancelation policy
  • Make sure you compare the prices!

And most importantly, have fun! There’s nothing like having the flexibility of being able to go where you want and when while on vacation. So change plans, take a detour and explore! That’s what it’s all about.

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