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One airline is going that extra step further to ensure your in flight experience is as memorable as possible…with the installation of an on board beer keg! 

Dutch airline KLM will, from August, be offering draft beer at 35,000 feet in their ‘mile high pub’. Normally, pouring a draft beer mid flight would offer a mostly foamy beverage due to the lower air pressure compared with on the ground.

However, after years of testing and research, the airline has come up with a genius way to combat the problem and will be offering refreshing, perfectly poured Heineken beers on board soon. The keg trolley is set to keep the beer chilled for up to eight hours, so when the service begins to be trialed next month a cool draft beer could be on the menu.

Would you order a draft beer at 35,000 feet?

IMG: Heineken, Evandro Felippe / Flickr cc.

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