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Planning a trip to Florida? Rent a car in Miami and head off to discover the Sunshine State on four wheels! The natural beauty of its idyllic beaches, its proximity to a number of other great destinations and its diverse neighborhoods with plenty to see and do…Miami and its surroundings are full of awesome sights, so why not enjoy them at your own pace by rental car!

Stop 1: the city of Miami!

Having picked up your rental car in Miami, head to the center of the city to explore. Visit the aquarium and zoo, or tick off these monuments from your cultural must-see list: the Coral Castle, the Cape Florida Lighthouse and the Freedom Tower. AS one of the largest cities in the US, Miami’s various neighborhoods each offer something different and unique: Little Havana and its Cuban vibe, the Art Deco District and its amazing architectural creations, the Design District and its various boutique shops…there’s something for everyone!

Miami Cape Florida lighthouse

Stop 2: Miami’s beaches 

Around 6 miles from the center of Miami you’ll find one of the city’s most popular beaches: South Beach, or SoBe to the locals. A long strip of fine white sand stretches out for miles, bordered by cool beach bars and excellent restaurants. To discover a more natural coastline in Florida, head for the Florida Keys, an archipelago composed of hundreds of islands linked by the Overseas Highway, a section of Route 1 overlooking the ocean. With its stunning position above the archipelago, the highway runs for 127 miles and is an unmissable route on any visit to Miami in a rental car.

Miami beach

Stop 3: Fort Lauderdale 

A drive of about twenty minutes north of Miami brings you to Fort Lauderdale, also known as the “Venice of America”. With almost 186 miles of canals and dotted with beautiful buildings, the city offers a great chance to escape it all. Although popular with tourists, Fort Lauderdale remains an attractive beach resort destinations thanks to its warm atmosphere (and weather!).

Fort Laurderdale beach and skyline

Stop 4: The Everglades 

Head south-west of Miami to explore the Everglades National Park, a 2 million acre expanse of wetland which houses numerous species of wildlife as well as over 1,300 types of vegetation. The vast ecosystem is also home to crocodiles and alligators which can be seen at almost any time of day, from the track of the Anhinga Trail or from the safe proximity of an airboat. The Everglades National Park is dominated by tropical wetlands which cover the entirety of the south of Florida and is a natural wonder worth seeing.

The Everglades National Park

Stop 5 : Orlando 

Whether you’re heading off on a family trip or not, make the most of the freedom afforded from traveling by rental car to discover Orlando, the ultimate theme park city! 233 miles north of Miami, the city boasts some of the best theme parks in the world. From the Magic Kingdom to Universal’s Orlando Resort via Discovery Cove, this is the place to go if you want to have fun!

Disney at Orlando


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