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When it comes to knowing how much to tip on your vacation abroad, things can get a little confusing. Is service included in the bill? How much should you tip for good service? Are you expected to tip at all? To solve these questions, we’ve created a handy infographic outlining how to tip in a number of popular global destinations.

With countries around the world used to very different practices when it comes to tipping, it can be hard to know how much to give your server, concierge or taxi driver after receiving great service. To help make things a little easier, we’ve run through how much to tip in these popular countries.

 Tipping around the world infographic

Tips & Advice:

  • Carry local currency with you just in case: as well as being useful for tipping your taxi driver, you may also feel the need to tip your guide.
  • Always check if service has been added to the bill before paying. In countries such as Brazil and France, this is customary; in France, it’s normal to tip an extra 10% on top of this.
  • In countries such as Spain and the UK, a tip is rarely expected – but always appreciated. While you shouldn’t feel that you have to tip, if you received great service it’s common to give a little extra.
  • In countries such as Japan, where tipping can be seen as offensive, it pays to tread with caution. If you want to tip your guide or your driver, hand the amount over discreetly in an envelope.

What are your experiences of tipping abroad?

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