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From the stunning natural beauty of Gotland in Sweden, to the historic charm of Portugal’s Alentejo, Europe is home to some beautiful cities and regions just waiting to be discovered. Lonely Planet have now revealed their top 10 European destinations for 2017: read on to discover their top picks.

Europe is rich in cultural sights, cosmopolitan metropolises, natural landscapes and more. The continent is so full of beautiful places to visit, in fact, that it can be hard to know where to start! Enter Lonely Planet: the travel guide company have run through their top 10 European destinations, and these are the places to put on your 2017 travel bucket list. 

10. Le Havre, France

Le Havre, France

9. Pafos, Cyprus

 Paphos, Cyprus

8. Moldova


7. Northern Germany

 Hamburg, Germany

6. The Alentejo, Portugal

 The Alentejo in Portugal

5. Leeds, UK


4. Northern Montenegro

 Kotor, Montenegro

3.Galicia, Spain

 Galicia, Spain

2. Gotland, Sweden

 Gotland, Sweden

1. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

IMG: Leeds / Pixabay; Shutterstock

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