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It’s not easy traveling with a baby in tow. Any mom, parent or caregiver would vouch for that. Passengers on a recent JetBlue flight were awarded a free round-trip flight thanks to the four crying babies onboard. Those cries never sounded so good!

The airline offered what’s called the “FlyBabies” promotion on a flight to Long Beach, California from JFK in April and awarded a 25% discount on future travel every time a baby onboard cried.

With five babies onboard, it was only a matter of time before the 140 passengers onboard were rewarded with a free round-trip ticket with JetBlue. The crew announced the stunt shortly after the first food and drinks service and luckily for the passengers, the babies cried four times before the plane made its final descent. It’s probably the first time EVER that passengers applauded when a baby cried!

Here’s a little peek at what the flight looked like.

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Img: video screenshot

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