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New York City’s JFK Airport announced it would be creating a restroom in the terminal building specifically for pets, so Fido and Fifi and all their four-legged friends won’t have to go outside to do their business before boarding.

A new federal regulation says that all airports serving more than 10,000 passengers a year must install a designated area in every terminal for animals to do their business by August of this summer. Pet owners across the country will be seeing new pet relief facilities popping up all over the place.

Some airports have already opened their doggie washrooms like Dulles International in Washington DC, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International.

John F. Kennedy Airport has even gone so far as to install artificial turf and a red fire hydrant! Bring your pet along the next time you book flights to New York and have a look for yourself!

Img: Louis Vuitton Dog by Lovro Rumiha / Flickr cc.

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