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Need another reason to travel to New York? We might just have the best one yet! A cookie dough café is set to open in the city. 

New York isn’t short on awesome places to eat and drink: from rooftop bars to quirky restaurants, the city has a wide variety of eateries. Now, there’s a new kid on the block – a café serving up food made entirely of cookie dough!

Opened January 25, the DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections™ store in Greenwich Village serves up safe to eat cookie dough, however your heart desires. Whether it’s a cookie dough ice cream sandwich; a cookie dough cupcake; or simply a pot of pure cookie dough in all its glory, this café has got your back.

There’s a selection of cookie dough treats, both raw and baked – as if we needed another reason to book those cheap flights to New York!

IMG: cookie dough, Kiran Foster / Flickr cc.

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