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Want an alternative souvenir to remind you of your time in the French capital? You can now take a little piece of Paris home with you in the form of a piece of one of the city’s famous cobblestone streets! 

Paris is known for its architecture and quintessential French charm. Part of this comes from the abundance of cobblestone streets to be found in the city, which make for beautiful photo ops. Now, an artist has found a way to profit from their popularity by selling unique souvenirs from Paris.

Margaux Sainte-Lague, owns Mon Pavé Parisien, a small company which sells cobblestones from Paris. Unused cobblestones are bought from the city’s maintenance yard; these are then cleaned up and decorated in one of three designs.

They’re available to buy from the Mon Pavé Parisien website from €60 for those hoping to own a little piece of Paris.

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