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Reading subway maps can be confusing to say the least; this Instagram account is adding a fun twist by re-naming stations according to hashtags!

#Tagsandthecity takes a look at what subway stations would be called if they were named according to the most used Instagram hastags in their area. Covering subway systems in cities including London, Berlin, Paris, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area, the most popular 100 stations in each location have been renamed.


Station hashtags are decided based on the most popular hashtag for that area – so you can see which station is in a great area for food, which is perfect for shopping and which has great places to grab a drink! Instagrammers hoping to snap a specific photo need look no further – this map will tell you where to go. For example, Hoboken Terminal in NYC becomes #CakeBoss; London’s Covent Garden is #ShakeShack; and the station closest to the Louve in Paris is #MonaLisa.

Check out the maps here – what do you think of the idea?

IMG: Tagsandthecity

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