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Getting around by bicycle is an increasingly popular way to travel through a city: whether it’s locals on their way to work, or visitors exploring on two wheels, there are some destinations which are ultra bike friendly – and this survey has rounded them all up!

Design company Copenhagenize has revealed the most bike friendly cities around the world, with the release of their fourth bi-annual Bicycle Friendly Cities Index. Taking a look at 136 cities around the world, the study rewards those which work to ensure the bicycle can be a feasible way to get around. Criteria include Bicycle Culture (how city residents have embraced the bicycle as a form of transport), Facilities, Infrastructure and Traffic Calming (measures which have been put in place to ensure traffic is bike friendly e.g. lower speed limits).

In first place this year is Copenhagen, which took the title from Amsterdam in the third edition of the index. For the second time running, the Danish capital tops the list; it’s followed by Utrecht in second place and Amsterdam in third, proving the Netherlands is still seen as a bike friendly country.

Check out the top 10 bike friendly cities below. What do you think about the rankings?

The 10 Most Bicycle Friendly Cities In The World

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Utrecht, The Netherlands
  3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  4. Strasbourg, France
  5. Malmö, Sweden
  6. Bordeaux, France
  7. Antwerp, Belgium
  8. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  9. Tokyo, Japan
  10. Berlin, Germany
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