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The difference between good and great customer service can often be determined by a company, or employee, which is willing to go that extra mile to fulfil the customer’s (reasonable) requests.

These hotels have got it down, responding to these brilliantly hilarious hotel room requests in a humorous and efficient manner.

While traveling for business, Imgur user jnut731’s friend takes it upon himself to make some pretty unique requests when staying in hotels, and the results are impressive.

When faced with the option to add additional requests onto his booking, the man has asked for everything from a pillow fort on his bed, to a picture of a dog dressed as a boat captain.

Check out the full list of requests below!

Ridiculous and hilarious hotel requests, fulfilled. One way my friend entertains himself while traveling on business.

IMG: hotel PORTOBAY BÚZIOS . Royal Suite, PortoBay Hotels & Resorts / Flickr cc.

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