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This Australian organization has come up with a genius, and heart-warming, way to use up leftover food from first class flight cabins.

Food rescue organization OzHarvest collects leftover food from commercial outlets and delivers it on to charities across Australia. Now, OzHarvest Brisbane has begun an initiative to ensure that unused airline food isn’t needlessly thrown away.

Working with airlines flying in and out of Brisbane, the organization is working to ensure that uneaten food from the first class cabin no longer goes to waste but instead goes to those who need it most.

Uneaten sandwiches, apples, muesli bars and biscuits are being saved and transported to charities across the city, with between 200 and 400 kg of food daily being collected as part of the initiative.

What do you think of OzHarvest’s idea?

IMG: Cathay Pacific Meal, Luke Lai / Flickr cc.

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