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After a solo trip which lasted for 54 days, an Australian teen has claimed the world record for the youngest person to fly around the world!

Setting of from Queensland’s Maroochydore Airport, 18 year old Lachlan Smart’s round the world journey included stops in 24 locations in 15 different countries. He also traveled over 45,000 kilometers – and he did it all in just 54 days!

In his quest to travel the world by plane, beating the record previously held by 19 year old American pilot Matt Guthmiller, Smart faced a number of obstacles including language barriers and dangerous weather conditions.

However not even a hurricane – which he encountered between California and Hawaii and which set him back 24 hours – could stop the intrepid adventurer.

Along the way, he took some pretty breath-taking photos to share with the world.

What did you think Egypt looked like? #WATW

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Two world record holders – thanks @ryan.campbell13 for coming up to the homecoming #watw

A photo posted by Wings Around the World (@watw2016) on

IMG: Wings Around The World Facebook

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