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Once named the greatest British design in history, the red phone box may be coming to the end of its rein.

The number of red phone boxes has dropped dramatically over the years, which isn’t really a surprise. Most people don’t even use their landline phone, never mind a public phone box in the street. In 2015, the number of working boxes dropped to 9,400 when once stood 92,000.

The remaining boxes are poorly maintained and incur a lot of vandalism, costing a total of $7.5 million to repair.

Although these red boxes are just a nostalgic reminder of simpler times for Brits, for tourists they are a highlight of their trip to London. But due to the unprofitable system it seems that the days are numbered for this British icon.

BT has started selling off the boxes to foreign markets, so there’s a small chance that one could pop up near you. But wouldn’t you rather see them in their natural environment, happy and surrounded by plenty of tourists taking selfies? Yes. Yes you would.

Book a cheap flight to London now before the red phone boxes become extinct.

IMG: Richmond Green by DncnH / Flickr cc.

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