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Want to visit the stunning natural phenomenon of Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong caves? Join the (2 year long) waiting list! 

The largest caves in the world, with one section able to accommodate a 40 story skyscraper and another wide enough to allow a Boeing 747 to fly through, are also wildly popular with tourists.

Tickets only go on sale once a year, and the site can only accommodate 500 visitors per year.

Tour company Oxalis, the only to offer tours through the caves, made their annual ticket release last week. 20 hours later, they’d all been snapped up by those curious to see inside the 5km long caving complex. With stunning natural scenery, we’re not surprised it’s such a hot destination!

That means if you want to visit the natural wonder of the Hang Son Doong caves, you’ll have to wait almost two years – the next ticket release will be for 2018!

Reachable only by trekking across the UNESCO-listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, visitors to the caves must meet strict medical requirements. A five day expedition inside the caves costs $3930.

IMG: Hang En Cave 12, Hugh Derr / Flickr cc.

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