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The world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge has officially opened in China – would you be brave enough to walk across it?

Connecting two mountain cliffs in China’s Zhangjiajie province (which was also the inspiration for the Avatar movie), the bridge is 430m long and is 300m above the ground.

To reassure potential visitors before its opening, a number of public events were held to test and promote the bridge’s strength and stability. Visitors were invited to attempt to smash it with sledgehammers, and a passenger filled car was driven across it!

Fortunately the 99 panes of triple layered transparent glass stood up to the challenge, and the bridge is now open to visit for $20.

Welcoming a maximum of 8,000 visitors per day, those hoping to indulge their inner daredevil and walk across the glass bridge are advised to book in advance.

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A photo posted by 团团团团子 (@micky_aty) on

IMG: (Digital rendering of the new bridge by Haim Dotan Ltd. Architects and Urban Designers)

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