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Disruptions to travelers in France are expected continue as transport workers across the country plan to strike over labor reforms and pay. Plus, there’s a fuel shortage.

The country’s transport network is already suffering due to fuel shortages but now, with rail strikes, France’s transport network can expect major delays to any travelers with train tickets from Paris. Unions are continuing their protest against planned labor reforms. Meanwhile, Paris metro staff are due to begin infinite action on Thursday this week.

To make matters worse, Air France pilots have voted to strike over pay. All the while, six of France’s eight oil refineries are still halted or are running at reduced capacity due to union action yesterday. Union workers at the oil terminal that suppliers Paris’ two main airports have voted to extend their blockade until Wednesday.

Traveling to France? It’s not likely you’ll experience any delays going there, as airlines will tank up their fuel here in the U.S. before departing, but onward travel from Paris to other parts of the country could be delayed as strikes continue.

Image: Paris by Moyan Brenn / Flickr cc.

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