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Delta Air Lines has launched new non-stop flights from New York JFK Airport to Edinburgh in Scotland, offering the most inflight amenities than any other airline on this route.

The new service extends Delta’s UK network into exciting Scotland and the best part is that they will operate year-round, so whether you want to spend Christmas in the Scottish Highlands or summer at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, you can fly Delta.

Making the route year-round, the airline hopes that it will expand both trade and tourism opportunities for Scottish travelers heading to the U.S. as well as Americans looking to explore Scotland and the UK on flights to Edinburgh. The United States is the number one inbound tourism market to Scotland and this route alone has the potential to bring an additional $33 million to Scotland’s tourism industry.

Why visit Scotland? It’s the country’s history and heritage that appeals the most of U.S. visitors so start your trip off at the beautiful Edinburgh Castle before heading further afield to its world-famous distilleries, castles, coasts and highlands.

Image: Edinburgh Castle by Hungju Lu / Flickr cc.

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