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Daredevil visitors now have the chance to experience Niagara Falls in a new, breathtaking way: by flying through the air on a 2,200 foot zip line! 

After a glass slide opened 1000 feet above Los Angeles, another hair raising ride has launched – this time, at Niagara Falls! Located on the Canadian side of the popular tourist site and stunning natural wonder, the MistRider Zipline takes visitors on a speedy journey from Niagara Parks Commission’s Grand View Marketplace down into the Niagara Gorge.

Riders can experience speeds of up to 37 miles per hour as they fly past the Falls, feeling the spray of water as they go. Visitors will be able to enjoy the combination of seeing one of the world’s iconic natural sites as well as taking part in a thrilling ride along a uniquely located zip wire!

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For around $49.99, strap into a safety harness before setting off on an adrenaline boosting descent on one of four adjacent zip lines – enjoy the ride!

Would you go for a ride on the MistRider Zipline?

IMG: Niagara Falls, Artur Staszewski / Flickr cc.

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