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In recent times, heading to a South Korean eatery and relying on the menu’s translations of various dishes may have left visitors a little baffled. ‘Roast Grandmother’, ‘Six Times’ or ‘dynamic stew’, anyone? That’s all about to change, as a government task force has been created to crack down on confusing menu translations.  

The Korea Times reports that two government ministries have joined forces to tackle the issue of strange, incorrect and often hilarious English, Japanese and Chinese versions of South Korean menus, by compiling a list of correct food translations and launching a website to promote them, as well as letting those printing the menus know how food items should be translated.

That means those bizarre menu items like ‘spicy and weird soup’ (a translation for ‘kimchi stew’) may not be around for much longer.

IMG: Street Food, travel oriented / Flickr cc.

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