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Discover a slightly alternative world map – according to tourism slogans used by each country to attract visitors!

Countries often pick a short and catchy phrase to attract visitors. Now, family vacation website Familly Break Finder has created a world map with each country listed alongisde its tourism slogan!

The word “beautiful” appears, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most times – there’s nothing like the promise of beautiful landscapes, people, culture and well, pretty much anything, to tempt tourists to visit. Capital letters are also a popular choice, as used by Australia with their slogan “There’s NOTHING like Australia”.

Which country has managed to come up with the best catchphrase? We’ll leave that for you to decide…You can check them all out here. Once you’ve made your pick, find the cheapest way to get there on!

World map tourist slogans

IMG: Map of the world, Norman B. Leventhal (Flickr cc.); Map Cent screen capture from Bored Panda

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