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Emirates have recruited an old friend to help them mock other airlines and demonstrate their superiority because they have a shower and bar. Fancy.

The airline has spent $20 million on securing the global TV spot for the campaign. The ad sees Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, ridiculed by the cabin crew of an aircraft for expecting such luxury’s as showers or a bar as a standard flight service.

Aniston is horrified to find that the only things this airline can offer her are peanuts and hot towels. But soon enough she awakes from her economy low-budget dream to find herself in Emirates first class where showers and bars are plenty.

Even though Aniston is a self-confessed nervous flyer, she asks ‘Is there someone that we can talk to about maybe flying this around a little bit longer?’ proving the Emirates is that good it can keep nervous flyers calm.

IMG: screenshot from video

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