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Travel website Expedia asked 1,022 American holidaymakers what type of fellow hotel guest really rubs them up the wrong way in their inaugural Hotel Etiquette study.

‘Inattentive parents’ topped the list as the most annoying behaviors experienced by hotel guests with a whopping 67%. Not far behind were ’hallway hell raisers’ aggravating 64% of the respondents with their late night hallway loudness. Elevator chatterboxes even came under scrutiny annoying 6% of people.

Considering vacation is a time when we should be at our most relaxed – it turns out we are easily irritated.

Here is a breakdown of the regular offenders:

Inattentive parents: 67%

Hallway hellraisers: 64%

Complainers: 54%

In-room revelers: 52%

Bickerers: 26%

Poolside partiers: 22%

Loudly amorous (indiscreet lovemakers): 21%

Hot tub canoodlers: 20%

Business bar boozers: 12%

Elevator chatterbox: 6%

IMG: havenholidays / Flickr cc.

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