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Losing your luggage at any age is a stressful experience, but when you’re 4 years old and your best friend RaRa has been left behind it is heartbreaking. Luckily airport staff are always here to help a lost creature find its way home – human or otherwise.

Toronto Pearson International Airport staff went above and beyond to return the fluffy bear RaRa to his human companion. The Steele family made a plea on the airports Facebook page and their request was answered.

RaRa’s journey was caught on video and it seems he had a whale of a time: he visited the gift shop and picked himself up a Toronto Blue Jays jersey in the terminal, rode the moving sidewalk to catch his flight, and even met a lovely girl that he brought home to meet the family (things are looking serious.)

After re-uniting the little girl and RaRa her parents displayed their gratitude on Facebook, with a lovely picture of the two old friends embracing: ‘Thank you to everyone at Toronto aiport. RaRa is home and I have one very happy little girl. You went above and beyond to reunite a little girl and her bear. She also loves the surprise little bear that was in there as well. Thanks again. The Steel Family’

Watch the video here.

IMG: Mike Linct, / Flickr cc.

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